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About Us

Merrill Historical Society & Museum has been preserving the town's history since 1978. We are dedicated to showcasing the stories, culture, and traditions that make Merrill unique.

Please call ahead to find out if we have resources that will help in your family or home research, or just local history.

Resources you will find at the Merrill Historical Society...

  • High School Yearbooks 1901 through 2020

  • Rural Schools of Lincoln County - pictures and history

  • City Directories from 1893

  • Mike Weckwerth's Logging Notes 1891-1945

  • Early Plat Books and Maps of Lincoln County

  • Merrill City Appraisers records from 1970

  • Assorted Abstracts from Lincoln County

  • Various Family Histories of Merrill's Families

  • Photographs and history on local businesses, farming, churches, logging and sawmills, scrapbooks and minutes from local organizations, Merrill and Lincoln County histories, Military records of local residents, various obituaries, vital statistics from 1949-1959, various home histories, George Gilkey's notes of Merrill.

These are a few of the tools that were used to craft the Pinery Exhibit. Come and discover the story of Scott Mansion, or learn about Bill Rebane's film career and view one of the movie props from the Giant Spider film. Take a trip down memory lane with the Remember When exhibit, bone up on local politics with some local political background, see the vintage fishing equipment, including an outdoor boat motor collection, or some of the fun kitchen items that your mother and grandmother may have used. Discover how design and art played a part in pocket watch holders from a private collection currently on loan.

Happy Visitors

The Merrill Historical Society & Museum is a hidden gem. I learned so much about the town's history and the exhibits were fascinating.

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