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The newest exhibit, "Keeping Up Appearances - Suds, Duds, & Irons" is now open.
It revisits a time when washing and ironing took an entire day or more to complete compared to today's time saving appliances.
There are more than 60 individual and unique restored irons with the earliest being a “sad iron” dated 1758 and progressing through the electric irons of the 1970s.
Numerous washing devices, early washing soaps and detergents, along with the history of the clothespin (patented in 1832).

Director Bill Rebane's Hollywood Midwest

This exhibit will be closing at the end of July, 2024, after the Studio Bendenstof, Germany, program July 25th. If you haven't been in, be sure to plan a visit before this major exhibit comes to an end.
Archival materials and memorabilia cover the now-cult films from the 1960s through '80s, including "Monster A-Go-Go," "Rana: Legend of Shadow Lake," "Blood Harvest" starring Tiny Tim, and one of the top-grossing films of 1975, "The Giant Spider Invasion." One of the original giant spiders, recently saved from destruction, will be on display, partially restored to its original state to show how difficult it was before the digital age to create special effects for creature features.

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Remember When...........a bit of nostalgia.

Refreshed displays:
Scott Mansion artifacts and stories.

Vintage fishing equipment - you need that perfect lure to catch your fish.
Kitchen Vintage - So many ways to toast a slice of bread!
Pocket Watch Holders - a decorative collection of Bea Lebal.


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